• The Biostone Plus Filter Is Back... Well, Sorta
    The Biostone Plus Filter Is Back... Well, Sorta

    Back in April of this year we announced the discontinuance of the Biostone Plus filter, in favor of the newer UltraWater filter. Several weeks ago AlkaViva announced to its dealers that it will be once again selling the Biostone Plus filter, but this will be a new type of filter and not anything like the old one. [read more]

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  • My Magic Mud: Natural Teeth Whitening
    My Magic Mud: Natural Teeth Whitening

    Recently, I tried an all natural teeth whitening product that is made by a friend and fellow natural, liberty-loving Mama, Mrs. Jessica Arman. Jessica has been making this recipe herself for her family, and because so many friends and family have noticed results, she began making it available at large. Well, I am thrilled that she did, because My Magic... [read more]

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